Tong Park, Baildon, West Yorkshire BD17 7QD01274

Houghtons Joinery is committed to achieving environmental best practice in its business activities. We seek to continually improve our environmental performance by setting and monitoring objectives and targets. The business is FSC accredited ensuring that all of our timber products can be traced to sustainable sources. We conduct environmental reviews to measure our environmental performance and to ensure compliance with statutory requirements applicable to our business activities. Houghtons Joinery actively promotes its environmental policy and business strategy by following these objectives:

  • We refuse to work with timbers that are not from managed forests and have been classified asprotected (with the exception of using reclaimed timbers)
  • We liaise with clients and specifiers as early as possible to guide in the effective use of timbers & assembly methods
  • We order timbers from recognised bona-fide suppliers who promote managed timber usage
  • We order timbers from our workshops with minimal waste
  • We omit from all deliveries unnecessary packaging and protection
  • We recycle our waste materials.
  • We have cut our waste product by over 80% and reduced our shavings waste costs by 100%.

Our environmental policy is reviewed regularly in response to changes in the nature and/or size of our business and to changes in legislation and incident or hazard information. Our full environmental policy is available upon request.